Testosterone Injections Side Effects

What are Testosterone injections and why are they necessary?

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Testosterone injections are used by men and boys to treat conditions caused by lack of or low levels of testosterone hormone, such as impotence, delayed puberty, and other hormonal imbalances. They are also used in women as a treatment for breast cancer that has spread to other body parts. Injections should only be given by a certified healthcare professional as misuse can result in dangerous and irreversible effects.

One of the most common reasons for the use of testosterone injections is in the treatment of hypogonadism (low testosterone levels). Having the right levels of testosterone is critical as it not only enables a man to experience sexual desire(libido), but it also has a significant role to play in maintaining muscles, physical energy, positive mood and healthy bones.

As a result, the effects of low testosterone levels can span a broad range of symptoms such as depression, loss of libido, lack of energy, lethargy, lack of concentration, increased risk of osteoporosis, and loss of facial and bodily hair among other signs and symptoms.

Testosterone injections are given deep into the muscle and contain testosterone that has been modified so that it’s gradually absorbed into the bloodstream. There are two main types of injections — short acting, which need to be given every two to three weeks and long acting, which have to be administered every 10 to 14 weeks.

Testosterone injections Side Effects

Testosterone restoration therapy is there to help you feel better. However, it can cause some side effects. One of the most common is injection site reactions.

Some people report acne when they first start treatment. This is because testosterone stimulates skin glands that counteract wrinkling and dryness, which can lead to greasy skin. But the spotty skin is likely to settle with time.

In some cases, sustained or frequent painful erections can occur. Men who have chronic lung disease or are overweight may experience sudden breathing problems while sleeping (sleep apnea).

Testosterone therapy can also affect behavior, possibly leading to aggression, especially in people who have never had a physiological testosterone level.

Are there ways to avoid these side effects?

Some side effects of using testosterone injections may not need any medical attention. As your body gets accustomed to the change in hormone levels, these effects may disappear. A competent and well-trained health care professional will be able to prevent and help you to reduce some side effects, but it’s important to check with them if there are any persistent adverse effects or if you’re concerned about anything out of the ordinary.

To keep testosterone levels and symptoms in check, they need to be carefully monitored to ensure that you’re getting the right amount of treatment.

Testosterone restoration therapy can increase the number of red blood cells in your blood, which can affect circulation. By having regular blood tests, your red blood cells will be analyzed to ensure they are stable hence getting rid of some of the symptoms associated with heightened red blood cell count. Liver function tests are also critical as testosterone restoration therapy can alter levels of some liver enzymes.

Sleep apnea will often resolve as treatment continues, but your physician will want to review your treatment.

In the case of painful and or sustained erections, your doctor may either discontinue treatment or reduce the dosage.

Over time you should find that many symptoms have gone away and that your mood, muscles and libido are improved. The increased positive results and reduction of unwanted effects will show that your treatment is working.

Testosterone therapy can expose one to many potentially dangerous side effects, and any competent doctor will make this clear before prescribing injections. On the other hand, there’s also the option of using natural testosterone boosters, which are made of completely natural and safe ingredients. They are not only cheaper than injections but also much safer as they are made of herbal ingredients. Most importantly, natural supplements are often actually more effective.

Rather than directly injecting testosterone into the bloodstream, natural testosterone boosters work by inducing the body to produce more testosterone.

By using natural testosterone supplements, you can enjoy all the positive benefits of using testosterone injections without exposing yourself to the dangerous effects of testosterone replacement therapy.

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